Terms of Use

Last updated 31 December 2014.

These Terms of Use apply to the industrialsymbiosis.fi website ('Site') and to content made available through the site. The Site's administrator is the Motiva Oy (hereinafter: Motiva). By using the Site, you agree to be bound by the terms presented hereinafter.

Purpose of the site

Motiva uses the industrialsymbiosis.fi website to showcase emerging Finnish industry. The Site provides companies with the opportunity to introduce their industrial symbiosis activities, identify and seek new opportunities for symbiosis, and become participants in a circular economy. Site users can have their own symbiosis published at www.industrialsymbiosis.fi by responding to the industrial symbiosis questionnaire. Based on the responses to the questionnaire, the administrator creates a symbiosis description in accordance with a site-specific template. The dissemination of advertisements or other irrelevant information via industrialsymbiosis.fi is prohibited.

Right of use

Site users can comment on Site content via external online communities, such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, to which links have been provided.

Any user information provided to Motiva must be truthful and use of the Site must comply with Finnish law and general notions of good conduct. In cases of misuse, Motiva has the right to temporarily block user access or permanently terminate user rights to the Site.

The use of commenting tools provided by other online community services will be subject to their own terms of use.

Intellectual property rights

Motiva owns the industrialsymbiosis.fi website. Copyright to the texts, pictures and other materials published on the Site belongs to the authors. The general terms and conditions of using the Site are given below. The Site also contains materials to which the general licence terms do not apply. In such cases, the terms and conditions for using the material are separately indicated.

Users are free to copy, share and modify any Site content not covered by specific restrictions of use, provided that the author and the source are mentioned when the content is used elsewhere. The sale or other commercial use of the Site's content, or any part thereof, is prohibited. The use of any content found on the website, or any part thereof, in a manner which demeans the content or violates its purpose is forbidden.

The trademarks and logos presented on the Site belong to their owners, and such trademarks and logos may not be used without the written advance permission of the owner in question.

These Terms of Use or the use of industrialsymbiosis.fi do not give the right or licence to any copyrights, patents, logos or other intellectual property rights on the Site.

Privacy policy

When a user adds content to the Site, Motiva collects the user's personal information and records it in a register in accordance with the Personal Data Act (523/1999). Motiva is also responsible for the maintenance of the register. The personal data collected includes the name, telephone number and email address of the user. No information contained in the register will be disclosed to a third party without the user’s permission. No information will be transmitted outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

Collection of usage information

The Site uses cookies. Certain cookies are related to software features, such as selection of a graphical or text-only version and increasing the font size, while others compile statistics on usage.

At their own discretion, users can block cookies by changing the browser settings. However, because this may reduce some functionality, blocking cookies is not recommended. 

General statistical information on how visitors use the Site is collected for the purposes of improving the Site. Such information includes the number of visitors, the popularity of the Site’s pages, previous web pages visited, the most-used search words and browsers, and the user's home country.

The usage information collected includes:

  • user IP address
  • time
  • web pages visited
  • browser type
  • operating system used
  • screen resolution

User statistics are based on the server log data and Google Analytics reports, which use the Google Analytics cookie and JavaScript.

Source of further information: http://www.google.com/intl/en/privacy/


Users are liable for any materials and content they add to the www.industrialsymbiosis.fi website, and for any loss or damage arising from presenting the materials and content. Users are responsible for ensuring that the materials they add to the Site do not violate third-party copyrights, other third-party rights, or general standards of good conduct. In no event is Motiva liable for any vicarious, indirect or incidental loss or damage arising from using or trusting the information and materials presented on the Site. Neither is Motiva liable for any loss or damage arising from inability to gain access to or use the Site. Motiva has the right to discontinue the online service or transfer its proprietary rights to another operator. Motiva reserves the right to modify the web pages or remove any user comments that are inappropriate or otherwise violate standards of good conduct or laws. Any prohibited comments added by other users should be reported to the site administrator.

In addition to other online communities administered by Motiva, links to web pages owned or administered by third parties are provided on the industrialsymbiosis.fi website. By using the hyperlinks provided on the Site to access third-party web pages, the user acknowledges that the pages to which the hyperlinks lead are not administered by Motiva and that Motiva has no influence over the content created for or published on such pages. Hyperlinked web pages may also be covered by terms restricting their use, which must be read prior to using such pages. Motiva is not liable for any content on third-party websites.

Changes to the Terms of Use

These Terms of Use will enter into force on 31 December 2014 and remain valid until further notice. Motiva reserves the right to unilaterally modify or replace these Terms of Use. The Terms of Use include the date upon which the terms were last updated.

Applicable laws

These Terms of Use are governed by Finnish law. All disputes relating to the industrialsymbiosis.fi website, its content or usage will be settled in accordance with Finnish law.